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Since I am now of the "senior generation", dates and locations are included for my parents generation on back but due to privacy concerns will not be included from my generation forward. I do have a copy of the family tree which includes dates and locations that may be emailed at your request.

Sullivan Family

Mary O'Neil was born in County Kerry, Ireland in 1823. She traveled to Canada as an infant, and in 1847 the family moved to the Detroit area. She married Owen Sullivan in 1844(?) in Windsor, Ontario. I have nothing earlier on Owen.

Owen and Mary moved to Faxon, MN in 1856. Our grandfather Jeremiah (Jerry) was born in Faxon in 1861. The Sullivans moved to LaCrosse township in 1870-1, but were driven out by grasshoppers in 1875. Owen died in St. Paul in 1875. Owen and Mary had 12 children. Jerry had a twin brother Alex. Grandma Mary and family moved back to their LaCrosse township homestead in 1878. She lived on the Sullivan farm until her death in 1910. Both Mary and Owen are buried in Calvary Cemetery in St. Paul.

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McCarvel Family

Grandma Beaton was a McCarvel, and the McCarvel family have done a lot of genealogical research over the years. I have the family tree that they published in 1957. Others in the family may also have this book. They have traced the McCarvel family back to about 1720. Thomas McCarvel (b. 1720) had a son named Thomas (b. 1750) who had a son named Paddy (b. 1770). Paddy's son Thomas (b. 1820) married Ann Leonard. They had seven children, six of whom emigrated to the U.S. Ann, the youngest, remained in County Monoghan, Ireland. Mary, our Grandma Beaton, was born in Cloness, County Monoghan, in 1846. She married Roderick Beaton in Belmont, MA in 1871.

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Beaton Family

Mary McKinnon was born in Eigg, Scotland in 1823. She moved to Little Judique, Cape Breton, Nova Scotia with her parents and siblings in 1843. There she married Angus Beaton, a merchant, about 1844. She died at Little Judique in 1907. Their son Roderick John was born in 1850. He moved to Boston and married Mary McCarvel in the Arlington Church in Belmont in 1871. In 1884 they moved to Ashton, lA, then on to Sheldon, IA. In 1884 they settled in Brewster, MN where Roderick farmed and ran the Brewster Hotel. At least 3 of Mary's siblings ended up in the Brewster area, and several others moved on to Montana. Mary and Roderick had one daughter, Mary Ann(Mamie) who was born in Belmont, MA in 1877. They also adopted Mary's niece, Alice Haffey, who later married Nick Henkels. We knew Alice as Auntie. Mamie married Jerry Sullivan in 1896 in Heron Lake. Grandpa Rod Beaton died in 1909. Grandma Mary Beaton lived on until 1932.

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Children of Mary Mamie (Beaton) and Jeremiah Sullivan